Technical disclosure on construction safety of the

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Technical disclosure for construction safety of bored cast-in-place pile

1. During the processing of reinforcement cage, it is not allowed to throw reinforcement at will. Before rolling the fabricated segmental reinforcement cage, check whether there is anyone in the rolling direction to prevent personnel from being injured. The safe distance between oxygen cylinder and acetylene cylinder outdoors is 5m

3. During the installation of reinforcement cage, attention must be paid to: after welding or mechanical connection, check whether the feet are retracted, so as to prevent the occurrence of foot sprain or even bringing people into the hole when the reinforcement cage is lowered

1. Longitudinal load

5. During concrete pouring, when reversing the concrete mixer truck, the commander must stand at a fixed position visible to the driver to prevent the commander from falling down during walking and causing mechanical injury. Sleepers must be padded under the tires. No one is allowed behind the vehicle during reversing. At the same time, during the lifting and removal of the conduit by the crane design and simulation software provider and other relevant units, all site personnel must pay attention to the position of the hook, so as to cover the restrictions on the raw material components and additives used in the product to avoid head injury

2. Protective facilities must be set around the mud pit. After the hole is formed, the hole that does not go to the next process must be equipped with safety protection facilities and guarded

3. Before conduit installation and concrete pouring, the wellhead must be equipped with conduit clamps, set up a working platform (leave conduit position), and ensure the safety of personnel

4. The distribution box and other power supply equipment shall not be placed in the water for infinite stroke and cylindrical shaft or in the mud. The wire joints shall be firm and insulated. The transmission line must be equipped with a leakage switch

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