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Technological innovation of functional corrugated board and carton (Part 1)

functional corrugated board and corrugated carton are the product of the cross combination of modern science and technology and packaging engineering, and they are special packaging of technological innovation, It fully reflects the development direction of modern packaging technology. The key technology of functional corrugated board and corrugated box is to modify the traditional box and corrugated board and to carry out functional design and innovation on the structure of the traditional corrugated box.

there are many kinds of functional corrugated board and corrugated box. The processing methods are diverse, and the use effect varies with the packaged products and storage and transportation environment:

I Functional corrugated paperboard

(I) waterproof corrugated paperboard

moisture content of the packaging or commodity under high temperature environment_ 20. The use of ordinary corrugated board will significantly reduce the compressive strength of the carton. When the water content is high, the flat compressive strength + blood pressure strength of the corrugated board will be significantly reduced. According to the use requirements, different methods can be used to improve the waterproof performance of the corrugated board. The main products are hydrophobic corrugated board and water-resistant corrugated board

1 hydrophobic corrugated board

also known as water repellent tabby board. When it is exposed to water for a short time, the processed paper surface, Make water splash into water drops to prevent water from penetrating into the cardboard [1) processing method: generally, the processing method of hydrophobic corrugated paper is coating plus [. Common coatings include paraffin, silicone, varnish and other hydrophobic agents. When the gloss is low, the permeability is good, but too much penetration into the interior of the paper will reduce the hydrophobic effect. Therefore, before painting the oil, it is best to brush a l of starch paste on the surface of the paperboard, dry it to form a film, and then paint the varnish. The mosquito fruit is better = in addition, add an appropriate amount of water-resistant additives in the coating, such as urea formaldehyde resin, melamine i}j aldehyde resin, poly (hexamethylene chloride) Co., Ltd. to improve the water resistance The water resistance of the commercial coating is that the waterproof coating is directly dissolved on the surface of the corrugated board during processing, the paraffin wax is applied on the two surfaces of the corrugated board, and the corrugated core is coated by spray. In this way, the corrugated board plate with better hydrophobic performance than I Island can be obtained, and its patent name is m/IK corrugated board

(2) the hydrophobic corrugated board is suitable for packing dry powdery goods. Especially, it is a powder that is easy to agglomerate after absorbing water. It is also suitable for packing goods that often go in and out of the cold storage. It is easy to deposit dew on the box wall after being taken out of the cold storage, Ordinary corrugated board will quickly absorb and reduce the compressive strength, causing the carton to be unable to withstand the stacking pressure and become pressed and stained. After hydrophobic processing, the cardboard will not significantly reduce the compressive strength before the dew evaporates. The output signals of the sensors are usually small and long, which can protect the commodity from mosquitoes.

2 waterproof corrugated board is also called waterproof or water retaining corrugated board. Its surface is almost impervious to water for a long time, but can not be immersed in water, Otherwise, the waterproof function will be lost. The result is similar to that of ordinary corrugated paper plate. The main cover is different from its processing technology

(1) add J: Method: therefore, reducing the manufacturing cost has become the top priority in the development of body materials. Melt Taicheng sweet fat or paraffin mixture from the hopper mouth into a silent flow, and apply it on the horizontal corrugated board to form a layer of resin film or wax film on the surface of the board. It has good water retaining performance = if necessary, repeat the coating on the other side once to obtain double-sided waterproof performance

(2) usage: the glass water corrugated board is used to pack salted products, frozen instruments and fruit and vegetable products. Because the corrugated board has a soft paraffin layer on the surface, it is also suitable for packaging high finish furniture, piano Precision instruments, etc.

3. water resistant corrugated paperboard there are two kinds of equipment and processes for producing water resistant corrugated paperboard. Its processing principle is similar to that of IMPREGNATION processing

(1) impregnation solution: use paraffin or neoprene synthetic rubber, polyphenylene butadiene, chloroprene, polyoxysiloxane difluoroacetic acid chromium, etc

(2) wax dipping: the automatic paper feeder continuously sends the corrugated board into the paraffin impregnation tank of 90qc-100`: (2). The impregnation time is 5s-1os, which is adjusted according to the quantity of the board and the number of layers. Make the wax liquid soak the corrugated board to the degree:

(3) hot drying: remove the excess wax liquid from the corrugated board taken out of the wax tank, and then move slowly in the hot drying room of 1loot7 ~ 130 ℃ to further make the wax liquid penetrate into the board, At the same time, make the excess wax liquid flow away

plastics have played a major role in automotive interior products (4) cooling: the wax impregnated paper removed from the hot air chamber is cooled at room temperature or forced to solidify the wax. After the above processing, the corrugated board has good water resistance. At this time, instruments can be used to measure its water resistance. The so-called water resistance is to immerse the corrugated board in water (200 (2+20 (2 tap water) for 30ram, soak it for 1h, and then test its breaking strength and edge pressure strength. It is required that the residual strength should not be less than 75% of the standard strength (before soaking)

water resistant corrugated boxes are used to transport live fish, seafood and other commodities with very high water content. The corrugated board after waterproof processing not only has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, but also has improved the compressive strength. Table 1 lists the relative compressive strength performance of several waterproof corrugated boards and ordinary corrugated boards under different conditions

(II) fresh keeping corrugated paperboard

the way to keep fruits and vegetables fresh is to reduce water loss, inhibit biological respiration and bacterial growth, and remove the ethylene gas that aging and maturing them. Fresh keeping corrugated paperboard is processed manually from these aspects

1. clip type

the plastic film soaked in antibacterial agent and preservative is made into the corrugated board, and then the inner surface of the corrugated board is coated with CTM preservative. Its components are as follows: Table 1 comparison technology and application technology of compressive strength of waterproof corrugated board. The corrugated board can not only prevent moisture evaporation, maintain the freshness of goods in the box, but also adjust and control the temperature

2. composite

the aluminized fresh-keeping film is coated on the inner surface of corrugated board. This composite film has the function of absorbing ethylene gas. The aluminized film can not only prevent moisture evaporation, but also reflect radiant heat, prevent the temperature rise in the box, and play a fresh-keeping role

3. foaming type

combines foamed plastic and corrugated. Compared with ordinary corrugated board and laminated corrugated board, it has better fresh-keeping effect (see Table 2)

(1) the moisture permeability is 1/20 of that of ordinary corrugated board, which is not easy to cause wilting of fruits and vegetables due to water evaporation

(2) due to the low number of heat conduction systems and good heat resistance effect, there will be no sharp temperature fluctuation in the box. (3) Due to the low air permeability, it can adjust the storage atmosphere. The results showed that the oxygen content in the foam type fresh-keeping corrugated box decreased gradually, the CO concentration increased, and the respiration and growth of cauliflower were inhibited; The cauliflower packed with plastic paperboard has fewer flowers due to lack of oxygen, but there are diseases and pests, which have a strong odor; The atmosphere in ordinary cartons is almost the same as that in the atmosphere, and cauliflower turns yellow and goes bad

4. mixed type

porous ethylene gas absorption powder is added in the manufacturing process of corrugated board inner paper to prevent ripening; It can also be coated on the base paper with special ceramic powder that can emit 6 m-41*m wavelength infrared ray. It can emit infrared ray at room temperature, which can not only activate relevant molecules in the fruit and improve the ability to resist microbial erosion, but also activate enzymes and improve the sweetness of the fruit. It can be used for fresh-keeping packaging of peach, grape, Bayberry and other fruits

variety normal 20~c, 65%rh high humidity 40~c.95%rh watering 100mm/h, Continuous 3h

ordinary corrugated paperboard l00402l

hydrophobic corrugated paperboard 1057035

m/R corrugated paperboard ll8 8998

single-sided curtain paperboard l067556

double-sided curtain paperboard LL2 8260

impregnated corrugated paperboard L80 ll0 l50

impregnated ten double-sided curtain processing 2o0 140 17o

(III) anti static corrugated paperboard

electronic components The antistatic packaging of integrated circuits and electronic engines is very important. Anti static corrugated board can be produced by coating carbon powder, laminating aluminum foil on the surface of corrugated board, and adding metal fiber or carbon fiber in the production process of corrugated board. These cartons are also used in the intercpl Max technology to provide anti-static protection for the packed items. In addition, there are anti odor, anti slip and other corrugated cardboard, which is suitable for packaging related goods

(IV) special functional paperboard

at present, there is a single variety of white paperboard in China. There is no necessary classification to distinguish different packaging materials, and there are no clear provisions on the raw materials and health standards of packaging materials for different foods. However, most instrument packaging uses gray background white paperboard. At present, the pastry boxes and fast food boxes in the market do not have oil resistance. After the oil-containing food is packaged, the phenomenon of oil leakage is quite common. Therefore, according to different products, it is necessary to develop and produce functional special cardboard for packaging solid instruments and liquid food, functional special cardboard for packaging solid food and liquid food, and cardboard for packaging milk, fruit juice, etc

II. Application of nanotechnology in functional paperboard

the biggest feature of nano paper is that it is modified by adding nano powder before printing or packaging, that is, it already has the corresponding nano function when the paper is formed. Nano paper is the best and lowest cost technology in corrugated box packaging technology, and its application prospect is quite optimistic

(1) the superhydrophobic nanostructure and coating technology are used to improve the hydrophobicity and surface strength of the paper. The process is simple, and the superhydrophobic nanostructure coating technology and application technology and its application in paper products are the first in China. In addition to protecting the original writing, copying and other functions of the paper, this nano paper also has the special properties of super hydrophobicity and moisture resistance, improving the printing surface strength and reducing the expansion rate that ordinary paper does not have. After pouring water, it is not only not wet, but also makes the water roll freely on the paper like a lotus leaf. The increased cost is only about 10% of the cost of ordinary paper. Therefore, this kind of nano paper has good market potential

(II) binary synergetic nano interface materials strive to extend binary synergism to nano interfaces, and study new interface physical properties, super Bi sparse interface physical properties materials (or super amphiphilic nano materials). Its basic principle is to build a nano-sized geometric complementary (such as convex and concave) interface structure on a specific surface. The low concave surface can make the adsorbed gas atoms and molecules exist stably. On the macro surface, it is equivalent to a stable gas film, so that oil or water can not directly contact the surface of the material, so that the surface of the material presents extraordinary Bi hydrophobicity. At this time, the contact angle between the water drop or oil drop and the interface tends to the maximum. In the field of packaging materials, paper products, paperboards, cartons, films, etc. have also achieved strange super hydrophobic and super oil repellent effects

(III) functional nano paperboard

1. antibacterial and deodorizing

sterile gas is injected into the manufacture of natural pulp. This paper has the function of preventing bacterial invasion and can be used for the packaging of medical instruments. The newly developed nanocomposite functional paper can effectively solve the discoloration problem of silver antibacterial agents. It is non-toxic and low-cost. It has good antibacterial effect on most common microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Aspergillus niger. Nanoparticles can also be added

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