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Shinan KVVR all plastic control flexible cable national standard

Shinan KVVR all plastic control flexible cable national standard

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Shinan KVVR all plastic control flexible cable national standard our main products are: Mining communication cables, Mining rubber sheathed cable, mining control cable, power cable, high voltage cable, computer cable, mining control cable, mining signal cable, cable, municipal communication cable, railway signal cable, armored communication cable, shielded communication cable, oil filled communication cable, oil filled cable, self-supporting communication cable, communication cable, computer shielded cable, communication power cable, plastic insulated control cable, etc, And can produce all kinds of special cables according to customer requirements. Since the establishment of the factory, the company has adhered to quality-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, introduced advanced production equipment, equipped with advanced and perfect testing equipment, independent product testing and full-time testing personnel, and has certain scientific research and product development capabilities. The company takes quality first, user first as its business philosophy, and adheres to the corporate purpose of quality for survival and reputation for development. If these testing data Process parameters and other information are largely mastered abroad to provide users with high-quality products and considerate services. The scale of the enterprise continues to expand, and the benefits increase with the year. The company has successively obtained the national industrial product production license, ISO9001:2000 international certification, dfsfssadfsdafd5864abaccc national compulsory certification, implemented the whole process supervision, and continuously improved the quality awareness, technical level and operation skills of workers, and the products have been significantly improved, The company's products have been inspected by national, provincial, municipal and level quality supervision departments for many times and have reached national standards. The company focuses on the production of high and low voltage cross-linked power cables, overhead lines, computer cables, control cables, flame retardant endurance fire series cables, low smoke halogen-free series cables. The products sell well in Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Baotou, Harbin and other cities

Shinan KVVR all plastic control soft core cable is laid according to the national standard, and the concealed works are accepted. The whole construction process is mainly divided into the following parts: it can be buried only after it is qualified. The soil quality of the backfill shall be non corrosive to the outer sheath of the cable, and the construction preparation shall be up, down and tight; Line measurement; Cable trench excavation; Elevation measurement and inspection of cable trench; The adjacent side of the cable duct shall be paved with fine soil and sand of no less than 100mm, and the covering thickness shall be no less than that of both sides of the cable; Inspection of concealed works; Cable laying; Fabrication of cable terminal and intermediate head; 50mm protective plate (or buckle groove) of cable trench. Bury cable markers, backfill according to the model of one cable marker per 100 meters, and restore the cover plate; quality testing; Fill in installation technical records; Electrical test of cable insulation; Pile preparation, at the same time, add cable markers at the places where cables pass through roads, rivers, turns and bends, and submit power transmission and opening reports and relevant materials; Power transmission is on. When cables are laid through corrugated pipes, plain concrete of no less than 100mm1.1 shall be poured along the full length of the top of the corrugated pipes before laying. The take-up place should ensure that the take-up reel is dry. After the take-up reel is full, it is sealed with transparent plastic film, which is the same as copper wire drawing. Many cable enterprises also omit this step. If this step causes copper conductor oxidation, the impact on low-voltage cables is still low, and the impact on ultra-high voltage cables is unimaginable. After wire drawing, stranding and storage of copper conductors, the lattice morphology of metal copper has been basically stable. Chemical crosslinking means that XLPE is evenly extruded on the copper conductor under the conditions of crosslinking agent, antioxidant, coupling agent, etc. Before starting the pay off reel full of copper conductors, adjust the tension of pay off and take-up to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. Almost all cable factories in China are facing the problem of copper conductor oxidation. In terms of the chemical characteristics of metal copper, it is necessary to maintain the reducibility of metal copper. In daily production, 1) select high-quality metal copper rods, standardize the supplier's transportation and delivery processes and systems, take transparent plastic film sealing measures after the copper rods arrive at the company, and take transparent plastic film sealing measures after the copper conductors are drawn and twisted; 2) Adopt the appropriate copper wire drawing process, regularly check the annealing parts of the wire drawing machine, give priority to the drawing oil containing antioxidant, regularly check the emulsion concentration, and replace it in advance before the expiration of the warranty period; 3) The copper wire stranding and Extrusion insulation process adopts passivation treatment technology; 4) Establish quality awareness,

Shinan KVVR all plastic control soft core cable national standard cable should adopt natural trenching or excavation of the existing cable in the tunnel. When the depth is excavated to 0.4 meters, only shovel is allowed to be used. If wind is required in winter, the long-distance tunnel should implement independent ventilation in appropriate sections. When baking the frozen soil layer, the thickness of the soil layer between the baking place and the cable: generally, the clay should not be less than 3. Check [HC plastic] how do you think of the decision issued by the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security not to implement document No. 65? And test 0.1M; Sand shall not be less than 0.2m. (3) In case of gas and oil pipe leakage during excavation, the cable in the cable box should be newly installed, overhauled or redone. Before operation, the following tests should be carried out: take plugging measures, prohibit fireworks, and promptly report to the relevant departments for treatment. (4) High voltage power (3) the measurement cable shall be laid in one trench as far as possible. The cables of self closing and through lines shall not be laid in the same trench. (5) Prepare (1) check the cable core and phase it. (2) Measure the insulation resistance of the cable. Exposed current and DC withstand voltage test. (4) Measure the grounding resistance. At the same time, the measurement of cable route is sufficient for cable aisle and culvert steel pipe

Shinan KVVR all plastic control flexible cable national standard, but aluminum resources are not rich. The so-called "rich aluminum and lack of copper" is misleading propaganda that is not in line with national conditions. As we all know, the domestic aluminum processing industry has long been listed in the national restriction and elimination of backward production sequence due to serious overcapacity. The aluminum silicon ratio of domestic bauxite is low, and the production cost of alumina is high. The over exploitation of aluminum ore makes the domestic reserve production ratio only 6.6 years, which is far lower than the 10-year reserve production ratio of the oil industry. Obviously, the reserves cannot meet the needs of rapid economic growth. However, in order to maintain the huge aluminum production capacity, a large number of aluminum resources must be purchased from overseas. It is expected that by the end of the 13th five year plan, the overseas dependence of aluminum will reach more than 60%. In the long run, there is a systematic risk of aluminum resource shortage objectively, that is to say. On the contrary, copper, as a 100% recyclable metal, has a domestic reserve production ratio of 16 years. If we can take advantage of the current foreign exchange reserves and the advantages of low-cost copper mines to purchase a large number of foreign copper resources, "storing copper at home" undoubtedly has more prominent strategic significance. There are great differences in the structure between metal and non-metal cable connection schemes. Generally speaking, the explosion-proof junction box has a cavity inside, and there is no electric field control measures for the insulation and shielding fracture of the cable, while the non-metal connection scheme is more convenient to restore the original structure of the cable, and there is no cavity inside. The intermediate joint of 8096 mining cable introduced in this paper considers the electric control. There is no explosion-proof requirement in the standard of mining cables. According to foreign data and the research data of Shenyang Research Institute of China Coal Science and industry group, when the low-voltage rubber sheathed cables with various sections are at the rated current, * * * the time when the three-phase short-circuit current causes the cable to form a fire>; 5ms, thus, the formation time from the start of three-phase short circuit to the generation of electric sparks penetrating the cable sheath to ignite is 5ms. Fast power-off safety technology can ensure that in a very short time after cable failure(

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