NatureWorks plans to expand the Chinese market thr

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NatureWorks plans to expand the Chinese market through multiple channels

at the 2013 International Rubber and plastic exhibition held recently, NatureWorks, the world's leading bioplastics supplier, exhibited a series of advanced bioplastics innovative products, covering many market fields, including shells, tea cups, clothing, pillows, tableware, etc., so that every visitor felt the huge application potential of bioplastics

in addition, NatureWorks also exhibited the advanced and unique processing technology and the latest three industries that have invested and developed for many years. They urgently need to correctly understand the misunderstanding of flame retardation. Three high-power models, ingeo2500hp, 3100hp and 3260hp injection grade resins, as well as altu, including Baoshan Iron and steel, Shanghai Jinhu Rili plastic, Bolu Trading (Shanghai), Bluestar silicone (Shanghai), Boshi rubber (Shanghai) Functional plastic products blended by altuglas acrylic resin and Ingeo biopolymer launched by glas international companies such as covestro polymers (China)

at the exhibition site, rich Weber, Asia Pacific Marketing Director of NatureWorks, and frank diodato, CEO of global durable goods marketing department were interviewed. According to rich Weber, the products exhibited by NatureWorks this time have three characteristics: first, the products of NatureWorks are close to pet and PS in function and price, ensuring the competitiveness of the products; Second, the advantages of environmental protection. The raw materials of all products are 100% bioplastics, and the production process has low carbon emissions when improving design, and there are more choices when products are discarded. Third, the bioplastics produced by it can be used as a highlight when enterprises develop innovative products

rich Weber also pointed out that at present, bioplastics is a new product, and the quantity is still relatively small, which has not achieved the economic benefits of mass production. The economic benefits of the supply chain are still relatively low, so the price will be higher than that of traditional plastics. In addition, enterprises and society do not know much about the concept and application of bioplastics, so publicity should be carried out to make people really understand and accept bioplastics. At present, bioplastics account for only 0.1% of the raw material market, and its development still has a way to go, but it has broad prospects in food packaging, fiber non-woven fabrics, films and durable goods

for the Chinese market, both rich Weber and frank diodato said that China is a very important market in Asia, and China's automobile production will increase year by year in the next few years, which is a great opportunity for the plastic industry. They will continue to pay attention to the Chinese market, increase the investment of Chinese market personnel in the future, and open the Chinese market through agents, The best way to expand the scope of sales is to evaluate the physical products under actual conditions of use. NatureWorks' second bioplastics plant will also be established in Asia to meet the growing Asian market, including China

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