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NBSK, a Finnish index compilation agency, maintained stable prices

Brussels, December 11 (paper ring); Recently, the price index of northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) has begun to rise impatiently on the Finnish index compilation agency. We also provide a series of services at the same time. Today's benchmark price NBSK fell only $0.18 from last week to $469.74 per ton, and most quotations are about $470 per ton

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price per ton

december 11, 2001 20 called metal fatigue December 4, 2001


North bleached cork kraft pulp (USD) 469.74 469.92

bleached hardwood kraft pulp (Euro) 473.73 471.29

bleached hardwood kraft pulp (USD) 423.81 418.52

paper 2 Disposal method of waste plastics

paper (Euro) 612.14 612.72

light weight coated paper (Euro) 810.52 811.35

evangelical coated paper (reel, Euro) 841.24 844.83 universal experimental machine shows stability, high precision, easy to use

a4b copy paper (Euro) 966.81 970.45

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