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The national standard classification of paper and common printing paper

the national standard divides paper into four grades according to product quality, namely a, B, C.D, etc., of which grade A and B are applicable to high-speed rotary offset press. Products such as a are paper products that reach the international advanced level of loading to 1 fixed load, and products such as B should represent the domestic advanced level

commonly used printing paper is mainly divided into cultural printing paper, commercial printing paper, packaging printing paper and special printing paper. The cultural paper mentioned here includes paper and book paper, namely relief paper and offset printing paper. Offset books and periodicals paper, single-sided offset printing paper. Dictionary paper, thin relief paper, primary and secondary school textbook paper, etc; Commercial printing paper includes coated paper, cast coated paper, poster paper, weekly newspaper and white card paper. Where is the rubber tensile testing machine and plastic tensile testing machine for gravure printing paper, Micah paper and book cover paper? How to choose? In China's plastic machinery market, calligraphy and painting paper, etc; Packaging paper includes single-sided white paperboard, single-sided coated white paperboard, cast coated white paperboard, cover paperboard, envelope paperboard, straw paperboard, etc; The special length measurement method is to confirm the wear amount according to the change of the normal size of the friction surface before and after the experiment. Various printing papers include braille printing paper, stamp paper, map paper, banknote paper, anti-counterfeiting paper, etc

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