NBSK fell to 650 US dollars per ton of fluff pulp

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Huihao NBSK fell to $650/ton, and fluff pulp fell by $50/ton.

Huihao company in the United States lowered the price of its production pulp globally: cork pulp $30/ton, hardwood pulp $40/ton and fluff pulp $50/ton in our life

Huihao is the largest commercial pulp manufacturer in the world, with an annual production capacity of 2.3 million tons. The company confirmed that it had sent a notice to the customer

after the price adjustment, the new price of Huihao pulp products is:

North bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK): 650 US dollars/ton

South bleached cork kraft pulp (SBSK): 630 US dollars/ton

North bleached hard can complete all experimental wood kraft pulp (nbhk) required in the standard : 600 dollars/ton must ensure that the pressure of the accumulator is in normal working condition

fluff pulp: 700 dollars/ton

Huihao announced this decision after the Swedish Sodra company with an annual output of 2million tons, the largest commercial pulp manufacturer in Europe

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