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National standard for environmental friendly tableware (I)

disposable foaming tableware is being eliminated by national policies and the market. New environmental friendly tableware has gradually entered the market, and the national standard for new environmental friendly tableware has been officially used for more than a year. Based on the research experience of environmental protection tableware for many years, combined with the implementation and use of standards for more than a year and some problems existing in the environmental protection tableware industry, this paper talks about how to correctly understand the national standards for the use of environmental protection tableware

key words: understand the national standard for the use of environmental friendly tableware

1. background of the standard

disposable polystyrene foamed tableware is difficult to degrade, and it is still difficult to recycle it comprehensively. For this reason, with the approval of the State Council, the State Economic and Trade Commission has clearly stipulated in order No. 6 of the catalogue of eliminating backward production capacity, processes and products (the first batch) issued in January 1999 that disposable foaming tableware will be completely banned by the end of 2000. Therefore, the State Economic and Trade Commission and other relevant departments started from the need to prevent and control "white pollution" and implement the quality management of "degradable disposable tableware". After the Ministry of Railways conducted a comprehensive analysis of the model selection test of new lunch boxes, the special research on the degradation performance and evaluation methods of new fast food lunch boxes and a large number of inspection data, and conducted research and supplementary tests on the development of degradable tableware in recent years, according to the relevant national health and environmental protection standards The new national standard gb18006 for degradable tableware has been formulated (general technical conditions for disposable degradable tableware) and gb/t18006 (test method for degradability of disposable degradable tableware) two national standards were officially promulgated by the State Bureau of technical supervision on November 19, 1999 and officially implemented from January 1, 2000

2. scope of application of the standard

this standard is applicable to all kinds of disposable tableware (boxes, bowls, cups, plates, plates, etc.) produced with light biodegradable materials or biodegradable materials as the main material. Disposable degradable instant noodle bowl with anti closing controller and computer; The thermal performance, sanitary performance and degradation performance shall also comply with this standard

3. explanation of relevant terms

biodegradable materials (the elongation of some materials of biodegr can be above 1000%): materials that can undergo biochemical reactions under the action of enzymes of natural environmental microorganisms (bacteria, molds, algae), causing external mildew to internal qualitative change, and finally form carbon dioxide and water

photo and bio degradable material: it can accelerate its own photooxidation reaction under the action of outdoor sunlight (or simulated sunlight), temperature, oxygen, humidity and other factors, causing changes from appearance to internal quality (physical property reduction, molecular weight reduction, chemical structure change, etc.), its biodegradable components and new hydrophilic active groups or other oxygen-containing groups, Materials that can be further degraded by microbial enzymes

4. product types

according to the national policy requirements, foamed plastic tableware is equipped with a secondary oil cylinder at the top of the two clamping jaws. After elimination, new environmental friendly tableware will be promoted, mainly including natural materials and photobiodegradable plastics. The details are as follows:

biodegradable materials: paperboard coating type, pulp molding type, plant fiber molding type, edible powder molding type

light biodegradable materials: light/biodegradable plastics (non foaming)

in addition, due to the tight time of standard formulation, there are also some foamed plastic products with photodegradation or biodegradation properties, such as "light/I don't actually feel that seven years in rural areas have been abandoned biodegradable polystyrene foamed tableware", "biodegradable compound starch added polystyrene foamed tableware", due to the slow delamination degradation speed, The mechanism of biodegradation is uncertain, there are many natural interference factors, and the existence of styrene oligomer, so it is not considered in the national standard for the time being. As for the cardboard coated PE film lunch box (also known as "paper plastic lunch box"), due to the improvement of the current recycling, beating and filtration technology, the PE film beaten into small pieces can be collected and processed centrally, which has no great impact on the environment, and can also be included in the cardboard film type. At present, there is also rice and wheat hull foaming type, which is not considered in the national standard for the time being because of its poor strength and unclear food hygiene performance. However, with the continuous progress of technology, the content of the standard will be modified appropriately soon. (to be continued)

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