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In order to strictly implement the building energy-saving standards, the new buildings in Shandong Province that fail to meet the energy-saving standards should be ordered to stop work, and the energy-saving standards of 65% energy-saving in residential buildings and 50% energy-saving in public buildings should be fully implemented

in order to implement the building energy-saving indicators, Shandong province implements the whole process supervision of all new construction projects, covering all stages of drawing review, construction inspection and completion acceptance. Projects that fail to meet the building energy-saving standards should be ordered to stop work and rectify within a time limit until they meet the energy-saving design requirements

according to the Jinan Municipal Construction Committee, the construction projects found in the inspection that there are serious violations of energy-saving construction account for 20% of all the projects under construction, and the development of aviation materials logistics. All these violations have been punished by ordering work stoppage, rectification within a time limit, etc., until they are rectified according to the requirements of energy-saving design

the Qingdao municipal government has also issued policies to clearly stipulate that construction permits will not be issued for projects that fail to pass the review of energy-saving design; During the construction of the project, the competent department of building energy conservation shall carry out on-site inspection of the energy-saving construction status as planned, and fill in the special inspection report. If the energy conservation fails to meet the standard, the work shall be stopped resolutely; Projects that fail to meet the building energy efficiency standards at the time of acceptance shall not be handled. 6 The spring change testing machine usually needs to pay attention to the maintenance of the instrument and the completion acceptance filing procedures

Lu Wenjing, from Qingdao building energy efficiency and wall material innovation office, recently told that in order to ensure that building energy efficiency meets the standard, Qingdao has established a building energy efficiency office. Inspectors should not only strictly supervise the construction process, but also often teach construction workers how to construct by hand. At present, the new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects with a total area of more than 10 million square meters in Qingdao have reached the standard of at least 50% energy saving

according to the wall renovation and building energy efficiency Office of Shandong Provincial Department of construction, the building energy efficiency standards required by Shandong are slightly higher than the national requirements. In 2006, Shandong Province completed a total of 28million square meters of energy-saving construction area, an increase of 65% over the same period

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