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Don't take ERP project as a game for concept players

recently, I saw a strange article in IT168 information: someone proposed to implement the "double project manager system" in ERP implementation. It seems that this is a good medicine to save lives from the current high failure rate of ERP. Some media also discussed it with great seriousness. How lively! In fact, this is a complete farce

please see, the case is introduced as follows:

the IT Department of company a is divided into planning department and R & D department

the planning department is responsible for making plans, and at present, China's flame retardant PP production enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Chang Sanjiao region and the Zhu Sanjiao region. The R & D department is responsible for project implementation and solving specific technical problems. Li Wei is the department head of the R & D department, with excellent technical ability and great influence in the team, but he is not familiar with the business of other departments of the company, and because of his introverted personality, he is not good at communication and coordination

Wang Bin, the director of the planning department, has strong communication skills and a good understanding of the company's business, but when it comes to software technology and project management, his eyes are dark

recently, the company is going to install an ERP system, so it needs to appoint a project manager to be fully responsible for the project. Is it Li Wei or Wang Bin? The general manager couldn't make up his mind

at this time, someone gave the general manager a suggestion: simply implement the "double project manager", and let Li Wei and Wang Bin jointly assume this role. In terms of position, the two people are equal. The general manager appoints a person who is responsible for the superior, and he is responsible for facing the superior, while the decision-making and implementation of the project are carried out by the two people who complement each other

here, we don't need to study whether the dual project manager system can be implemented and how to implement it. The first question to be clarified is: does this enterprise have the conditions to launch ERP

The implementation of ERP is a high-risk management revolution. According to statistics, in the implementation of ERP projects, generally only about 15% can carry out project implementation and system integration on schedule and at budget cost; About half of the projects will abort or fail in implementation. Therefore, enterprises planning to launch ERP projects must enhance their risk awareness. While seeing the great benefits of ERP implementation, they should also clearly foresee and prevent the risks in the implementation of ERP

enterprises are the main body of implementing ERP projects, and must play a leading role in the process of moving the weight of the project to the required experimental position, and play a decisive leading role

therefore, enterprises must have a good management foundation, a stable supply and marketing channel, and a certain number of compound talents to launch ERP. Have a strong leader

from the above cases, the general manager has neither risk awareness of ERP project nor subject awareness of implementation

look at two implementation managers: Li Wei, as the head of the R & D department, "he is not familiar with the business of other departments of the company". What can a person who is not familiar with the company's business process develop? Ask him to research and develop "business reorganization" or "process reengineering", otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the experimental results

let's look at Wang Bin again: "I know a lot about the company's business, but when it comes to software technology and project management, I feel dark.". What can such a person who doesn't understand network information technology and doesn't have the qualification and ability to be a project manager, let alone be a project manager, call him "responsible for talking about the project"

a manager who does not have ERP leadership ability, with two "do not have the qualification and ability to undertake the project manager", insisted on ERP, really do not know that the pot is made of iron

UFIDA lihongwei said, "those enterprises that do not have the conditions for ERP will not consider it even if they come to the door."

therefore, what appointment! What is the "dual project manager system"? It is just a farce chosen by some people in full accordance with the relevant provisions of the measures for the administration of the national science and technology support plan and the measures for the administration of special funds for the national science and technology support plan! (end)

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