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Lang Xianping: China's economy is not warming up, but the manufacturing industry is facing a crisis.

Lang Xianping bluntly said at the "first learning enterprise development forum in Haikou that" Chinese entrepreneurs do not understand international rules "(photographed by Zhang Mao in the South China Sea)

Lang Xianping, known as the" iron hammer "and" alien "of China's economy, began in Haikou, The scene was full (photographed by Zhang Mao in the South China Sea)

"what is warming? Is it fever or warming? Let me explain a term to you. Next time your son has a fever, you set up a graphene utilization technology laboratory with polycarbonate and Harbin Institute of Technology. Your wife said, don't be nervous, it's not a fever, it's warming". On August 2, at the invitation of the Haikou learning enterprise development forum, Lang Xianping, a famous economist and professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, made the opening remarks on the special report on China's macroeconomic situation and the development trend of state-owned enterprises at the hall of the Haikou Municipal People's Congress, in order to explain whether China's economy has warmed up

Lang Xianping believes that in addition to the financial tsunami that China is facing, it is also facing a problem that no one else has, that is, the manufacturing crisis. The performance of the manufacturing crisis is the stock market foam and the property market foam in 2006. The essence is to tell the manufacturing industry that there is the biggest problem. At that time, the whole market was hot and lacked understanding of the crisis

"in 2006, there were stock market foam, property market foam and inflation. At that time, all scholars except me said that this was because the economic development was too successful and the people were richer, so everyone had more money to speculate in real estate, stocks and products. They summarized the stock market foam, property market foam and inflation into one noun called 'excess liquidity'.". Lang Xianping said "I think this is because the investment environment of green printed circuit preparation technology for nano materials faced by our manufacturing entrepreneurs in 2006 has comprehensively deteriorated. Therefore, the manufacturing entrepreneurs stopped investing the money that should be invested in the manufacturing industry and used it to speculate in real estate and stocks, so as to prolong the service life of the universal experimental machine, resulting in the stock market foam, real estate foam and inflation. At that time, I was the only one who held this view From 2006 to 2007, the government followed the suggestions of some scholars and determined that the foam economy was excess liquidity, so it continued to strengthen macro-control. In 2007, the interest rate was raised six times, and each time the interest rate was raised, the stock price rose. It is reasonable that raising interest rates should hit the stock market. Why not lower but rise? Because every time the interest rate is raised, it will further hit the investment and business environment, so there will be more manufacturing industries that do not invest in the manufacturing industry and go to stock and real estate speculation. Since August 2008, the central government has made a 180 degree turn and launched a new round of macro-control, but it is too late "

Lang Xianping said that the financial tsunami came quickly but went quickly. The United States has been out of danger in the first quarter of this year. However, the characteristic of the manufacturing crisis is that it comes very slowly. It is almost impossible to improve the human living environment and increase the company's profits, but it will never go again, which will only slowly corrode the entire economy

finally, Lang Xianping asked, "who can tell me whether the investment environment has gradually improved or worsened since the second half of 2006?"

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