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According to the specified speed, Wang Zhongyu: to be an enterprise is to be a platform, and to be a brand is to be a threshold

Preface: according to the essential definition of an enterprise, to be an enterprise is to do products or services, and to be an enterprise is to make profits; Brand building means advertising and marketing. As myself, I have been in business for 8 years. With the baptism of the market and the replacement of enterprises, I have successfully passed the CNAs laboratory certification, TS16949 certification and other system certification. The only constant is the exploration and induction of the essence of enterprise management. In my opinion, the essence of enterprise management is to be a platform and a brand

to be an enterprise is to be a platform

quoting Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi, to be an enterprise is to "form a team, determine strategies, and lead the team". An enterprise is a platform on which entrepreneurs stand on the stage of extending the market, and dance heartily. At the same time, entrepreneurs also build a good platform for employees to let their management team sprinkle wisdom and talent on the enterprise platform. The enterprise platform is divided into three levels:

market platform. Market platform refers to the macro industry market and the stage for entrepreneurs with capital to dance. Before the reform and opening up, under our national planned economic system, there was no market, let alone market economy. Although there were a few "capitalist tails" with good market foresight among the people, there was no stage and market platform for development at that time, which ruined many talented entrepreneurs. In 1978, the spring breeze of Deng Xiaoping's reform swept across China, and China's economic development gradually transitioned to the stage of socialist market economy. It is at this stage that the first generation of entrepreneurs in China rose, including Liu Chuanzhi of Lenovo, Zhang Ruimin of Haier, and Ni Runfeng of Changhong, who are now thriving in domestic and foreign markets

enterprise platform. Enterprise platform is a space for entrepreneurs to build in the market and let employees dance. In essence, an enterprise is a tool or way of making profits, which is realized by completing the exchange of goods and services. Among the four elements of the enterprise, employees are the only initiative and the decisive factor for creating and realizing residual value or profits

the height of the enterprise platform depends on the ideological height of entrepreneurs. The enterprise can go as far as its platform is as high as its ideology. The introduction, education, employment and management mechanism of enterprises is the decisive factor for talents to give full play to their talents. The development idea, strategic route, operation mechanism, talent mechanism, management and cultural mechanism of the enterprise together constitute the platform for enterprise operation, and the factor that supports and promotes the platform to a higher level is the staff. Enterprise platform is an organic combination of a large number of small sub platforms and elements

employee platform. Every employee expects to have a stage to give full play to their dreams, realize self-worth and self-improvement in the market economy, and finally obtain market returns. Employees have their own platform, that is, the company's sub platform, including management sub platform, marketing sub platform, service sub platform, etc. Every employee should constantly practice their abilities, improve their self-worth and finally achieve their self-worth on the enterprise sub platform; While employees realize their self-worth, their practice platform has also been raised to a new level. As long as the sub platform composed of the main machine part, control part and power system of the experimental machine is consistent with the enterprise platform, and the enterprise platform is compatible with the market platform, the enterprise can give full play to the integration benefits, Market platform

enterprise platform

employee sub


enterprise platform - team platform - entrepreneur height

employee platform - sub platform - operation level

market platform - entrepreneur platform - social height

give full play to the greatest competitiveness, and finally achieve entrepreneurship and

to be a brand is to be a threshold

when it comes to brand, we will think of the brand value of Shengxiang flooring, which is 3.5 billion yuan. Dongpeng ceramic inspection free products, China runqi's well-known trademark in China, actually home made compensation first, and so and so products were listed on CCTV. What is a brand? It is a product mark with text and image, which is used for product segmentation

threshold of thought

the ideological threshold of a brand lies in its positioning and market segmentation. Most brands are personalized and have market segments. They are not for all consumer groups, but for a local market to seek greater share and interests. LV is positioned in the high-end market, mainly facing the middle class. Olay is subdivided into mature women with higher incomes. Brand is to choose consumers, first, to highlight personality, and second, to seek greater value realization

threshold of capital

capital threshold can be explained as scale investment or the lowest scale of the industry. Galanz defeated its competitors with the threshold of scale and let them linger on the edge outside the profit-making zone to win. With limited investment and no personalized ideas or positioning, it is difficult to give the brand a stronger personality or consumer value

talent threshold

brand is an aggregation of ideas and differentiation. Let consumers feel different, unique feelings and personal value realization. The concrete style and elements shown in the brand are external descriptions and hints of unique ideas. The talent threshold determines the ideological height

threshold of management

brand is different from. Brand differentiation is achieved through threshold management. The management of differentiated ideas, the emphasis on personalized talents, and the operation of the unique mode of channels are all achieved through management levers

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