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At the beginning of the new year, Hollysys drive company BDO is the raw material of THF. It received a banner from Shanxi Changzhi. The conference was hosted by China Automotive Technology Research Center and sent by Licheng Lantian gas development company. The other party gave heartfelt thanks to Wu Xingwei, the project implementer

this project is an efficient and clean coal conversion project cooperated by Shanxi Changzhi Licheng Lantian Gas Development Co., Ltd. and our company. 6. Shaking table (including impact table and collision test table); The project is that the company cooperated with global bickby systems energy company in 2010 to introduce its patented GPU coal pyrolysis energy system technology and equipment, and invested 140million to build an annual output of 30000 tons of activated carbon project. The project adopts the efficient and clean coal conversion technology of American bickby energy systems, and the energy utilization rate reaches more than 90%. The products are mainly used for the purification of waste gas, toxic gas, industrial and domestic water, etc. The project adopts the closed-loop fluidized bed flash vaporization technology, which generates errors in the closed gasifier, converts coal into natural gas and alkali resistance, and then makes activated carbon through activator. The whole production process is limited in the pipeline, and air is not allowed to enter the process, nor is it allowed to be discharged into the atmosphere. After the raw coal enters the fluidized bed gasification process unit of the gasifier, it is heated to more than 815 ℃ in a very short time. The production process is divided into three sections of activated carbon for powder and gas production

the controller of Hollysys drive company in this project adopts lk207, a total of 7 stations, distributed in each process section. The number of points is about 2000, which is mainly responsible for the control and protection of the main equipment in each process section, and is linked with the complete set of equipment (absiemens series products) of the integrated controller

The successful completion of the project has accumulated successful experience for the driving company in such projects and paved the way for the implementation of similar projects in the later stage of the company. The picture below shows the picture of Jinqi sent by Shanxi Changzhi Licheng Lantian Gas Development Co., Ltd

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