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Say "no" to the price war, help customers create revenue and improve revenue. XCMG does this

say "no" to the price war, help customers create revenue and improve revenue. XCMG does this

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"in the outbreak of the market, when there is a phenomenon of following the trend of buying, we must not blindly promote sales for the sake of sales performance, but pour cold water on customers and help customers make rational decisions!"

"don't use price, policy, or product performance to induce customers. We should stand in the perspective of customer career development and help customers make reasonable planning."

"it is necessary to kindly remind customers to allocate hoisting equipment resources reasonably to avoid overloading some cranes and affecting the service life of equipment, while some equipment does the work of 'killing chickens with an ox knife'."

"simple performance competition will mislead customers' investment decisions. We need to help customers analyze clearly what kind of investment is the most economical and cost-effective!"


from Wuhan to Chengdu, from Xi'an to Jinan, more than 200 marketing soldiers of XCMG hoisting machinery division experienced an unforgettable marketing salon training from thinking to physical fitness. In 12 days, with "creating maximum value for customers" as the core, we launched an unprecedented value marketing strategy discussion that comprehensively subverts the traditional marketing model. As a leading enterprise in the industry for 15 consecutive years, XCMG hoisting machinery division not only did not promote the situation and induce customers to follow the trend with the help of traditional marketing techniques during the period of short supply of products and the hottest market, but also required all marketing personnel to slow down the pace and focus on helping customers realize value, rationally planning investment and providing high-quality services. Marketers have said, "we can't be eager for quick success and instant benefits. We should be sincere in thinking of customers in everything and truly help customers succeed!"

safeguard the interests of customers and say "no" to the price war

sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery and general manager of the hoisting machinery division

"we firmly believe that value marketing is the inevitable way out for the optimization and upgrading of enterprises and the best choice to safeguard the interests of customers. We have, and are more confident to say" no "to the price war!"—— Sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery and general manager of the hoisting machinery business department

at the beginning of 2018, XCMG hoisting issued a price adjustment signal, setting off a storm of value reconstruction in the crane industry. For a time, enterprises in the same industry have followed up, hesitated and resisted, showing a situation of price war and value war advancing in parallel. In this regard, vice president of XCMG machinery Sunjianzhong, general manager of the hoisting machinery business department, said: "according to XCMG's' 123344 'business guiding ideology, we should comprehensively improve quality and efficiency, promote structural optimization and management innovation. No matter what peer enterprises do, as a leading enterprise in the industry, we firmly believe that value marketing is the inevitable way out for enterprise optimization and upgrading, and the best choice to safeguard the interests of customers. We have, and are more confident to say' no 'to the price war!"

the leadership of XCMG crane has carefully considered the path that may affect the short-term sales of enterprises and trigger the pain of industrial transformation. On the one hand, after years of benchmarking against world-class benchmarks and implementing the catch-up plan, XCMG's strength in technology, products, quality, manufacturing, services and so on has been optimized and leaped again, and XCMG is capable of providing customers with higher value products and services

nearly 5billion yuan has been invested in ten years to continuously improve and optimize the core competitiveness of enterprises

on the other hand, the strategic choice of manufacturers will directly affect the operation and value ecology of downstream hoisting enterprises. Only from the perspective of safeguarding the interests of customers can manufacturers truly achieve benign growth and the sustainable development of the industry. In the view of XCMG and more and more rational users, the price war is the competition of low-quality products, which shows the "lack of confidence" of manufacturers in products, technology and performance. The result is that many customers fall into a vicious cycle of low revenue and high consumption and a strange circle of survival

value competition is not the case. Enterprises that dare to "say no to the price war" and dare to take value as a means of measurement and competitive chips compete for the investment of manufacturing enterprises in technology and quality improvement, the value gains that can be created and realized by the product itself, and the promotion and improvement of hoisting operation quality, hoisting technology level, resource matching and other comprehensive capabilities of hoisting enterprises

there is no doubt that value competition is the only and best choice for manufacturers and lifting users to develop healthily and continuously

Yu Zhan, head of the marketing department of XCMG hoisting machinery division, interpreted the value marketing results in the first half of the year

with the promotion of XCMG hoisting value marketing, the sales volume of XCMG cranes not only did not shrink, but continued to fall short of demand: since 2018, the product sales volume has increased by 76.9%, the product brand premium has increased from 5%-10% in 2017 to%, and the order has been placed in September. "XCMG will not only contribute technical standards, product standards and quality standards to the industry as a first-class enterprise, but also create excellent value marketing models and standards for the crane industry", said the marketing officers at the marketing salon with passion

misplaced competition, help customers "buy the right products" and build high-end differentiation advantages

in the first half of 2018, the entire construction machinery industry was still in the channel of rapid growth, and cranes and excavators were leading the "champions" side by side. Along with the growth of sales volume is the confidence of customers in the future market. The market research jointly carried out by XCMG lifting machinery division and a third-party organization shows that compared with 2016 and 2017, the proportion of customers optimistic about the growth of the hoisting industry has increased from less than 40% three years ago to 73% at present

how can hoisting enterprises realize the double improvement of benefits and capabilities in this new round of development opportunities? 30% of the hoisting enterprises have had more in-depth and systematic thinking, but a large number of hoisting enterprises Individuals are still in the speculative mentality of "taking advantage of the market." in order to reduce the mistakes of hoisting customers in equipment investment, XCMG chose the G1 generation, K series high-end and middle-end product portfolio strategy, which formed a clear brand separation from the low-end product positioning strategy of some peer enterprises, and accurately matched the "senior tycoons", "middle class", "hoisting experts" and "cutting-edge forces" in the hoisting industry to "optimize the equipment portfolio" Upgrading hoisting capacity "and" high-end competition " "We should strive to help these customers get rid of the vicious competition of low price and low quality, and build a differentiated competitive advantage of hoisting enterprises with poor quality and stability of products at a higher level.

as a bridge between enterprises and users, marketers play a vital role in promoting value marketing. In the marketing salon discussion activities, leaders at all levels of XCMG hoisting machinery division gave the discussion results of the marketing team one by one As soon as I made a comment, I put forward targeted practical guidance:

Zhang Hanxu, deputy general manager of XCMG lifting machinery division, "from the perspective of standing customers, I will help customers strengthen their business from the aspects of brand effect, differentiated competition, use efficiency, value-added maintenance, and full life cycle operation and maintenance!"—— Zhanghanxu, deputy general manager of XCMG hoisting machinery division

all parts of the marketing pressure testing machine of XCMG hoisting machinery division adopt parts produced by internationally renowned manufacturers. Wang Wancai, executive deputy general manager of the company

"not all customers should buy generation G1. We should make reasonable planning according to the customer's hoisting service field, and we should help customers spend money on the blade!"—— Wangwancai, executive deputy general manager of the marketing company of XCMG hoisting machinery division, and the general manager of the marketing company in East China, North China, Northeast China, Northwest China and South China made wonderful sharing on how to help customers do a good job in hoisting Investment: "we should deeply study the pain points and expectations in the development of customers' businesses, and help them do a good job in rational investment"

at present, under the guidance of XCMG, the crane industry is gradually showing the coexistence of high-end and low-end markets. At the same time, under the new marketing mode led by XCMG value marketing, the hoisting industry is also forming a good business ecosystem of dislocation competition. According to the latest data, the revenue of machine shift of mainstream models in hoisting enterprises increased by 5%-20% over the same period

team collaboration to provide customers with high-quality services

in 2018, XCMG crane has successively invested a large number of service personnel, vehicle resources and spare parts points in order to better ensure the use of customers' products. How to give full play to the role of new resources, how to promote the coordination of sales and service, and how to let customers experience the whole process of expert service before, during and after sales are another core topic of this salon discussion

"the first purchase depends on sales, and the second purchase depends on service", "we want to create intimate services for high-end brands" Focusing on maintaining and improving XCMG crane's customer satisfaction of 94.04% and improving the timeliness of spare parts, the members of the marketing salon had a warm discussion atmosphere. It includes artificial blood vessels, soft tissues, bones, bone plates, interbody fusion devices, heart rod membranes, knee joints, spinal fixators, glass fibers, glass fiber reinforced plastics, liquid crystal glass, reinforcing fibers, PE tubes, metal coatings, hip joints, intramedullary nails, etc. it can be used to stretch, compress, twists and turns metal and non-metal, high-molecular materials, human bones, etc The team development training of mechanical performance test and mechanical appraisal and limit of shearing and other projects further focused on the topic objectives, and greatly stimulated the team spirit, brotherhood and sense of coordination

improve the level and create a high-quality development model and model

for the performance of the hoisting machinery sector in the first half of 2018, chairman Wang Min of XCMG group put forward the high requirements of "all management should be improved, and the hoisting machinery division should take the lead in XCMG group to walk out of the high-quality development model and create a model of high-quality development", and the hoisting machinery division "will fight in the market and win in the factory", Follow the management and control principle of "quality first, lean production", promote "systematic, scientific, standardized and modular" management at full speed, comprehensively evaluate internal "processes, processes, resources" and other capabilities, increase investment in technological transformation, further solidify production capacity, and optimize flexible production capacity

"Chairman Wang Min warned us to stay awake at all times! Compared with the requirements of the chairman, we still have many gaps and problems". At the semi annual summary meeting, sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery and general manager of the hoisting machinery business department, pointed out that some achievements were made in the first half of the year, but we should also see that customers are still dissatisfied with XCMG crane products and services, If the current situation of winning the bid at the lowest price does not change, all cadres and staff should guard against arrogance and impatience, focus on the problem, and trace it by level, classification, and classification, so as to achieve better breakthroughs in quality, products, new industry development, and the international market. "To improve the level, level and quality of development, we still have many problems to solve. We should dare to shoot at ourselves, fully expose our own problems and shortcomings, and cut off the cancer that hinders our management upgrading! In the second half of the year, every step forward is not to be prepared for danger in times of peace, but to walk on thin ice and make progress in times of crisis!"

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