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Get rid of the dependence on high-end foreign scientific instruments and realize the localization of high-end scientific instruments as soon as possible

according to relevant data, 68.4% of the Nobel Natural Science Awards, 74.6% of the physics awards, 74.6% of the chemistry awards and 90% of the physiological or medical awards are completed with the help of various advanced scientific instruments, or directly related to the development of new instrument methods or functions

the above data shows that the humidity and impact of printed materials are basically single tone. With the development of modern science and the deepening of people's understanding of nature, traditional scientific research methods can no longer meet the needs of modern scientific research. High end scientific instruments are needed, otherwise it is difficult to achieve major original and innovative scientific research achievements

in recent years, with the efforts of many scientific researchers and the support of major national science and technology plans, China has made positive progress in the localization of scientific instruments, which has played an important role in the progress of national science and technology. However, due to the weak foundation and other reasons, China's dependence on imports of high-end scientific instruments has not been fundamentally improved

recently, Lanzhou food and Drug Inspection Institute of Gansu Province issued a procurement announcement for the 2019 inspection and detection instrument and equipment procurement project, with a budget of 14.5 million yuan, and purchased 57 scientific instruments and equipment, such as high-resolution liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography triple four pole tandem mass spectrometry, and headspace sampler. Half of the analytical instruments and commonly used laboratory equipment such as headspace sampler, lyophilizer, inverted microscope, high efficiency, ultra pure water instrument, continuous flow analyzer and constant temperature mixer are required to be "imported with original packaging". Liquid chromatograph

it is not uncommon for such heavy imports to light domestic bidding. Domestic machines are not much different from imported machines because of quality, performance and other parameters. Moreover, even if the price is lower than imported machines, some institutions are also keen to buy imported machines

it is undeniable that scientific instruments, as the common achievement of human scientific and technological development, we have no reason to reject them. Reasonable procurement can not only speed up the development of China's science and technology, avoid some detours, but also realize "overtaking in corners" in some fields. However, blindly importing is not a long-term solution. How to realize the localization of high-end scientific instruments as soon as possible and realize the independent control of core technology has become a "bottleneck problem" involving national strategic needs and high-end research and production

Yang Xueming, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a researcher at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: "if the hard power of instrument research and development does not go up, we will not be able to develop our own high-end scientific research instruments, which will not only cost a lot of money to buy, but also be easily controlled by others."

fortunately, the problem of relying on imports of high-end scientific instruments has been highly valued by relevant departments. As early as 1998, the National Natural Science Foundation of China set up a special project for basic research on scientific instruments. It is reported that during the "13th five year plan" period, 142 special projects for scientific instruments were arranged. At present, Weihai development Fiber Co., Ltd. has a complete carbon fiber industry chain, with independent intellectual property rights, carbon fiber precursor preparation technology, key carbonization technology, key technology research and engineering prototype development stage

in addition, in order to promote the healthy development of domestic high-end scientific instrument industry, on April 25, the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan District high-end scientific instrument industry development forum was held in Guangzhou high tech Zone, announcing the preparation for the establishment of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan District high-end scientific instrument innovation center

the high-end scientific instrument innovation center focuses on the high-end scientific instrument industry, gathers the advantageous resources of Hong Kong, Macao and China, establishes six innovation platforms, and is committed to building a world-class high-end scientific instrument innovation platform with international influence, and cultivating a number of cutting-edge scientific instrument manufacturing enterprises and nuclear component enterprises

I believe that the future 3. According to the industry and functional characteristics, it can be divided into several years. With the joint efforts of relevant departments, instrument enterprises and scientific researchers, the development and application of China's high-end scientific research instruments will usher in the dawn of rise, break the dependence on foreign high-end scientific instruments, and let the world appreciate China's instruments and equipment

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