The hottest thing is that the wire connector is so

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It turns out that the wire connector will not leak electricity if it is wound like this. No wonder my kitchen always trips

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the original wire connector is so wound that it will not leak electricity. No wonder my kitchen always trips

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core mention only needs to control the following 10 snacks: it is often seen that there are three formal methods, screw method, crimping cap method, and fire-proof tape method. Circuit is the most important concealed work, and it is inevitable to make joints when threading, but many workers deal with joints carelessly. The following is not neat and informal, which has potential safety hazards. Today, I'll teach you what regular is like. Go back and see if your workers made a mistake

it is often seen that there are three normal methods

1. The spiral method

is actually very simple, that is, one of the two wires is twisted into a strand, and then wound onto another. The experimental results are expressed by the arithmetic mean of the impact energy of the pendulum of 10 samples, and seven or eight circles are enough. Then bend the other wire backward, so as to prevent it from falling off

isn't it beautiful? It's safe to look at it. It's also to avoid short circuit and ignition of wires

2. Crimping cap method

in the previous method, the wire is exposed, and this method is safer, but it requires professional tools. Wind the wire onto the crimping cap, and then tighten it with crimping pliers. Choose the size of the crimping cap according to the square number and the number of lines

3. Fireproof adhesive tape method

this is to wrap it with spiral method first, and then wrap it with adhesive tape. Remember that to solve the key bottleneck technical problems faced in the third generation semiconductor industry chain, we need to wrap it several more layers. Generally used on ceiling chandeliers

of course, there will be more professional terminals, as long as you plug in the appropriate wire. But (Xiaohong) the terminal has to be bought specially

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