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DSM introduces thermoplastic copolyester elastomer for high-performance pipeline applications recently, DSM, the world's leading life science and materials science company, launched arnitel C series cm622, a material for automotive pipelines and hoses in high-temperature environments

the automotive industry is striving to improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles and reduce harmful substance emissions without affecting safety and comfort. Therefore, there are some key development trends, including streamlining the body parts. One of the results of simplification is the reduction of installation space and the significant increase in the temperature of the corresponding parts, which requires the use of materials with better performance, or the direct use of expensive thermal insulation

with rich experience in the automotive field and deep knowledge of high-performance materials, DSM applied the concept of brightscience to the development of arnitel C thermoplastic copolyester elastomer. The performance of this new material exceeds that of PA12, PA11, pa6.12, PA610, PA1010, pa1012 and many other flexible materials with high heat resistance, and has been successfully applied to the vacuum brake pipe of vehicles

arnitelc material is very soft and does not contain plasticizers. This innovative product has excellent performance. It can withstand both low temperature and temperature up to 225C, and has excellent heat aging resistance, which can meet various strict standards for the materials of pipes under the engine cover put forward by vehicles

arnitelc can be processed in standard extrusion equipment, and it can have excellent aging resistance, peak performance, mechanical strength and optimal flexibility without adding plasticizer. Under the trend of simplification and function intensification in today's automotive industry, arnitelc has made great contributions because it does not need to use thermal insulation and can provide greater design freedom. It saves installation space, reduces body weight and reduces the total cost

Paul habets, global business manager of DSM special extrusion materials, said: when we introduce this new material to customers, the most successful case of modified EPS, they usually do not believe that products with such good flexibility will have such high thermal properties. So when we invite them to test this material, they are often surprised

he added: DSM has worked closely with the automotive industry for more than 25 years. The birth of arnitelc can help us to provide a sustainable solution for its PCU, which is more resistant to hydrolysis in vitro than other medical commercial PCU polymers. Because it does not contain plasticizers and is completely recyclable, our carbon footprint is reduced, and it is expected that 7. In the experiment, it is found that the experimental results are significantly different from the usual results to reduce the cost

DSM colorful technology, a better life

111 Royal DSM group of the Netherlands, based on technology, is active in the fields of health, nutrition and materials worldwide. DSM has expertise in life science and material science, and uses the unique combination of the two to continuously promote economic prosperity, environmental improvement and social progress, and create sustainable value for all stakeholders. DSM serves the end markets of food and health products, personal care, feed, drugs, medical equipment, automobiles, coatings and paints, electronics and electrical, life protection, alternative energy and bio based materials, and creates sustainable solutions around the world to promote the maintenance, enhance and ensure the efficiency of products and improve product performance. DSM's 23500 employees worldwide have generated about 9billion euros in annual sales for the company. The company has been listed on nyseeuronext. For more information, please visit

Therefore, DSM started trading with China as early as 1963, and established its first sales representative office and first production site in China in the early 1990s. DSM China regional headquarters and R & D center are located in Shanghai. At present, the company has 40 branches in China, including 26 production sites, with about 3500 employees. DSM's business in China grew healthily and steadily, with sales in China of $1.7 billion in 2012

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