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This is temporary work!! 80 tons of fruit to aid Hubei again, injecting "sweet" power into the war epidemic

this is temporary work!! 80 tons of fruits were sent to Hubei again, injecting "sweet" power into the war and epidemic

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nowadays, the prevention and control of COVID-19 has entered a critical period, and good news has been coming from all over the country frequently, encouraging the broad masses of the people. However, as the main battlefield of epidemic prevention and control, the development of the local epidemic and the safety of our compatriots still affect the hearts of every Chinese

when one side is in trouble, all sides support. Throughout the country, many medical teams were urgently organized in Shandong Province to rush to Huanggang, the city of counterpart support. Despite their own safety, the "most beautiful rebel" fought in the front line day and night, and went all out to win this battle without gunpowder smoke

in the morning of February 26, in order to comfort the medical staff fighting in the front line of the epidemic, after 150 tons of vegetables were donated to the designated hospital in Wuhan, Lingong group prepared a "special gift" - 80 tons of "love" fruit. Starting from Jinan Lingong Heavy Machinery Factory, with the great love of the temporary workers, it delivered and donated to Huanggang City, Hubei Province, so that the medical staff fighting in the front line of the epidemic can feel the love and support from Shandong

love from home, "sweet" power helps fight the "epidemic"

in this battle of epidemic prevention and control without gunpowder smoke, in addition to the need for a large number of medical protective equipment, living material support is also essential. Vegetables and fruits are still the most scarce supporting materials for the "epidemic" in Hubei war

the 80 tons of "love" fruits donated by Lingong group this time, including 40 tons of Yantai apples and 40 tons of Laiyang pears, are the high-quality source of goods that the procurement department of Lingong group finally found in Yantai, which is known as the "hometown of fruits", through multi-channel communication. After more than 30 hours of packaging and loading in strict compliance with epidemic prevention standards, this batch of love fruits has successfully embarked on the road to support the epidemic

I hope the medical workers in the anti epidemic front line can eat the fruits from their hometown, feel the warmth of the people in their hometown, feel the taste of home, and feel that they are not fighting alone in the anti epidemic front line. Lingong Group sincerely wishes and wishes all heroes in the front line of anti epidemic to do a good job in self-protection while fighting the epidemic bravely in such cases, and hopes that they will win the anti epidemic fight as soon as possible, and that they can be reunited with their families as soon as possible

"fight the epidemic with one heart, we are together", "Huanggang, come on, China will win", there are such words on every box of fruits. "Refuelling" is powerful and the most straightforward encouragement. The temporary group hopes that these loving fruits can help every medical staff quench their thirst, and also bring a trace of sweetness and comfort to their tired and bitter hearts due to the long-term war against the epidemic

the epidemic continues, donations continue, and the mission is to shoulder the current epidemic. Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Lingong group, as a benchmarking enterprise of China's construction machinery, has responded quickly. The Party committee of the group has held a special meeting to deploy epidemic prevention and control and support the fight against the epidemic in Hubei, support hospital construction, donation, procurement of materials and other support actions have been launched in succession

since the outbreak of the epidemic, Lingong group has successively donated medical, food and other materials to the Red Cross Societies and epidemic headquarters in Hubei and Shandong through fund-raising activities; On February 9, Lingong group purchased 150 tons of vegetables and transported them overnight to Wuhan, the frontline of the anti epidemic 800 kilometers away. It donated medical staff and patients from more than 20 hospitals, including Wuhan Red Cross Hospital and Wuhan Dongxihu District People's hospital; On February 21, Lingong Group donated 650000 yuan and 50000 masks to the Linyi novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic disposal leading group. You can see that every click has an inertia value

the temporary group also set up a command group to fight the epidemic, and organized dealers to carry out hospital construction support activities nationwide. The temporary group fully supported the construction of epidemic prevention hospitals under construction that needed excavators, loaders, rollers, aerial work platforms and equipment operators to tide over the difficulties. At present, from Wuhan, Xi'an, Henan, to Guizhou, and then to epidemic prevention hospitals across the country, there are temporary equipment and staff everywhere on the construction site of the intelligent manufacturing standardization Industrial Alliance for the tire industry. Recently, temporary workers also carried out the activity of "caring for customers and fighting the epidemic together", gave health diagnosis to the construction equipment that had participated in the construction of local anti epidemic hospitals, and provided a major maintenance worth 10000 yuan free of charge

"the epidemic continues, and donations continue!" Lingong group is located in Shandong, and its heart is on the front line of epidemic prevention in Hubei. It has always stood on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. It will continue to provide equipment and construction personnel free of charge, support construction, donate money and materials, fight the "epidemic" with the people of the whole country, and contribute to the material support of the front line of the war

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