DSM, the hottest Dutch chemical giant, increased i

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DSM, a Dutch chemical giant, increased its investment in China by US $120million

according to the news from DSM China, in the past 12 months, the total capital expenditure of DSM projects that have been completed or are being started in China has been nearly US $120million, including the recently announced akulon plant project. It is estimated that after these projects are completed and put into operation, DSM's annual sales revenue will increase by a total of $200million. It is estimated that by 2010, DSM's annual sales revenue in the Chinese market will double to more than $1billion

DSM, a Dutch chemical giant active in the field of nutrition, health and performance materials, has continued to achieve steady development in China since the announcement of "Vision 2010: develop strengths and attack" in October 2005. AI Fuding, chairman of DSM group, said that the implementation of DSM's "Vision 2010" strategic objectives has been on track. The specific process fully conforms to or even exceeds the set goals. In the "Vision 2010" strategic plan, DSM set a target of annual sales growth of 3% - 5%. In the past four quarters, due to the steady growth of product output and price, the company has achieved an average organic growth of 5.5% in sales. "Vision 2010" will maintain a leading position in sustainable development, and confirm the technical status and accuracy of the electronic tensile testing machine according to the difference of the comparison value. Of the expected increase of € 1billion in 2010, € 400million comes from the field of performance materials, € 400million from the field of nutrition, and € 200million from the four emerging business areas of medicine, industrial chemical products and biomedical materials, personalized nutrition, special packaging and white biotechnology

it is reported that about 4% (290million euros) of DSM's annual sales revenue is invested in research and development. There are about 1900 people engaged in R & D worldwide, accounting for 9% of the total employees. The company now holds 13000 patents, ranking 13th among companies registered in the European Patent Office, and is in the forefront of the chemical industry. At present, DSM has set up DSM China R & D center in Shanghai, Rockwell hardness test principle in Jiangyin, as shown in the figure, DSM engineering plastics Asia Pacific Development and service center, and established a joint laboratory with Fudan University. In addition to serving the local market, these R & D facilities have also become an important component of DSM's global R & D

at present, DSM produces and promotes vitamins, antibiotics, coatings and structural resins, engineering plastics and fiber intermediates in China. The products are widely used in the end markets of industries such as human and animal nutrition and health care, cosmetics, tension testing machines that need constant speed movement, pharmaceuticals, automobiles and transportation, coatings, construction, electronics and electrical

information source: China business times

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