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50% of the global mobile Internet traffic comes from iPhone

on November 25, Beijing time. According to foreign media reports, a report from advertising agency AdMob shows that iPhone and iPod equipped with Android system and apple are very optimistic about the future prospects of the company. Maybe such a situation can think about touch, and the traffic generated by them accounts for three quarters of the mobile Internet traffic in the United States last month

therefore, the torque value after the preload is required to be the torque coefficient K ≥ 0.15. AdMob also found that the traffic generated by BlackBerry in the same period decreased by about 2%, accounting for 12% of the total mobile Internet traffic. Palm Pre, the latest product of palm, generated less traffic, accounting for only 5% in the whole October. In September, Palm Pre generated 10% of the total traffic

globally, Apple's iPhone and iPod touch products account for about 50% of the total traffic. Symbian accounts for 25%, and Android accounts for 11%. BlackBerry accounts for 7%, while Microsoft wiondows mobile only accounts for 3%

admob also announced which model is the largest mobile Internet traffic manufacturer in the United States. The G1 sold by T-Mobile accounts for 36% of all Android traffic, followed by the 24 of Motorola Droid. At this time, the light should be symmetrical%. The other two devices manufactured by HTC, magic and hero, generated 21% and 8% of the traffic respectively

the BlackBerry Curve 8300 can generate the most traffic among BlackBerry devices. This accounts for 44% of the total BlackBerry network traffic, followed by pearl, which accounts for 16% and storm, which accounts for 12%

the large increase of intelligence such as iPhone has increased the access to Internet data and services. This has also put O2 and other UK mobile operators' networks to a severe test. The O2 network has failed for a fixed period of time. Operators admit that devices such as the iPhone have put a heavy burden on 3G networks. Tencent Technology

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