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Global market downturn Indian manufacturing industry suffered its first contraction in two years

global market downturn Indian manufacturing industry suffered its first contraction in two years

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Markit, a financial information service company, and Nikkei jointly announced yesterday that in December 2015, the PMI of Indian manufacturing industry fell from 50.3 in November to 49. The digital display shows that the electronic universal testing machine is suitable for users who only want relevant data such as force value, tensile strength and compressive strength 1. It reached a new low since August 2013, reflecting the deterioration of the overall business situation of the manufacturing industry. In that month, India's manufacturing production ended its positive growth for 25 consecutive months, with the largest contraction in nearly seven years; The number of new orders in PMI sub item data decreased, and the purchase price and ex factory price increased

India's PMI data highlights the difficulty for the Indian government to boost private investment against the background of China's economic slowdown and the weak global economic outlook. As can be seen from the figure below, India's unofficial data (white) such as PMI of the Nikkei and Markit have been flat in the past two years, and have declined slightly since the end of 2015. However, India's official industrial production data (blue) as of October 2015 has also risen sharply. The manufacturing PMI indicates that India's manufacturing industry will decline significantly by the end of 2015

in December last year, when there was a high speed, there was no low speed. Or when there was a low speed, there was no high speed month. For the first time in more than two years, India's manufacturing PMI fell below the 50 watershed, falling into the negative value area representing the contraction of manufacturing activities, represented by Newton (n). After the PMI of China's manufacturing industry fell below 50 for 10 consecutive months, India's manufacturing industry also declined significantly. The continuous decline of the manufacturing index of major emerging market economies such as China and India has affected the global industry growth

Pollyannadelima, an economist at Markit, commented that after the Federal Reserve starts raising interest rates, Indian enterprises will have a heavier burden of dollar debt and higher import costs. Although the continued decline of the Indian Rupee against the US dollar has helped Indian enterprises to expand their export business, corporate profits cannot rely solely on overseas markets because global demand growth is still limited

the manufacturing data of China, another major emerging economy, released yesterday showed good ductility, which was less than expected, indicating downward pressure on the economy. In december2015, China Caixin's manufacturing PMI recorded only 48.2, which was lower than the 50 boom and bust line for the tenth consecutive month. It is expected to be 48.9, compared with the previous value of 48.6. It shows that the operation of China's manufacturing industry continues to slow down, and the downturn trend has not improved

the global manufacturing PMI of JPMorgan Chase released on the same day fell from 51.2 to 50.9 in December, the lowest level in three months. Davidhensley, head of global economic coordination at JPMorgan Chase, commented that the limited expansion of global manufacturing activities was affected by the continuous decline of emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil and Russia, which dragged down the growth of global industrial production

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