The hottest global nylon film market reaches 1.1 b

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The global nylon film market has reached US $1.1 billion

the British PCI film consulting company has just released a global market report on BOPA film

the company said that since BOPA film was successfully developed in the 1970s, the two-step sequential stretching technology has become the first choice. However, some changes have taken place in recent years. End users require film manufacturers to adopt synchronous stretching technology to ensure the balance of film properties

the global BOPA film market has been worth US $1.1 billion. Simon King, the author of the report, said that it is known that films with balanced performance, better dimensional stability and lower shrinkage are particularly important

in the next 5 years, the newly installed BOPA film production line will be based on synchronous stretching technology, i.e. the greater the material stiffness

last year, the global market consumed 230000 tons of BOPA film, which will increase by 60000 tons this year. In 2013, 16% of BOPA production lines adopted synchronous stretching technology, which will increase to 25% by 2018

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