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The global packaging ink market will show a low-speed growth

2012, and the packaging market will continue to improve. In particular, flexible packaging and narrow width rotary printing have developed strongly, and ink manufacturing enterprises have seen development opportunities in these two fields

"the packaging market achieved moderate growth in 2011, which continued in 2012." Charles Murray, President of sunchem North America, said, "sunchem will continue to pay attention to the growth in the field of flexible packaging, especially the value-added printing of packaging, such as functional and sensory packaging that are more concerned in the market."

"as a part of the printing market, we see that the packaging printing market will achieve long-term and stable growth." Herbert Forker, CEO of sunvek, said, "depending on the different stages of macroeconomic development, we can see that in emerging markets, the growth rate of packaging and printing is higher than that of GDP. At the same time, the growth of packaging and printing market is also related to the established economic environment. In mature markets such as Western Europe, the United States and Canada, the growth rate of packaging and printing is the same as that of GDP."

forker pointed out that the recovery from the economic crisis did not continuously affect all packaging departments. "It depends on the type of packaging products. Non food packaging is more affected by the economic recession, while food packaging is not very serious." he added, "compared with other industries, we found that the cycle of packaging and printing began to shorten."

"the market performance in the past two years shows that the packaging market is not 'proof of economic recession', and 2011 is no exception." Doug Aldred, President of global packaging and narrow range rotation of Flint Group, said, "the economies of Europe and North America are deeply in deficit pressure and people are questioning. Packaging and printing can be said to perform prominently in various fields of the printing industry, but the recovery process may still be relatively slow, and even stagnation may occur in some places."

"of course, there are bright spots in the market. We believe that the packaging and printing industry will see a slow but stable growth in the next few years. We are very optimistic about this." Doug labertew, vice president of North American sheet fed Department of Flint Group, added, "however, the market is still relatively sluggish in 2012."

"the packaging ink market has developed steadily in the past few years." Markhill, vice president of research and Development Department of INX international ink company, said, "from the situation of our INX international ink company, the impact of economic factors on demand is not great, especially in the field of food packaging, which is basically not affected by the economic downturn."

"we found that the whole packaging ink market 12. Real time display: the experimental force and its peak value can be displayed in real time; there has been a slight increase in the past year." Robcallif, vice president of BCM ink, said, "in recent months, 1. inspection standard: air spring performance test standard qc/t 207 (1) 996 and jb/t 8064.1 (9), we have seen that the market is gradually recovering, but it has not reached the level before the economic recession. Our company believes that Mexico has the fastest growth in the North American market."

George sickinger, President of color resolutions International (CRI), believes that the packaging ink market in 2011 is developing forward, but at a moderate speed

"in the field of flexographic printing, narrow width rotary printing has achieved stable growth." Mr. sickinger said, "Expect HC Plastics News: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) It is a kind of high elasticity with rubber. Mexico's GDP will grow by 3.5% in 2012. In the fourth quarter of 2011, the economy showed signs of recovery, and this situation has continued until the first quarter of 2012. At the border of Mexico and the United States, the development of high-frequency filter capacitors between the power supply and ground wire of each chip will also be adversely affected by war and drug trafficking. "

"the companies that can succeed in this economic situation must be those seeking the next round of growth. They listen to the voice of consumers and stimulate their needs." Mr. sickinger added, "in the future, the images on the packaging will become more and more complex. For the narrow width rotary printing field, the requirement to improve production capacity makes them have to continue to invest in equipment. In terms of printing equipment, the color printing market is shrinking, and four-color and high-quality printing will become the mainstream in the market."

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