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[HDPE weekly review] the market atmosphere is improving, and the city is looking forward to a rebound

I. this week's market (July 9 to July 13):

HDPE warehouse receipts performed generally this week, closing at cross star. In terms of trading and investment, the dual volume is still not open, many buyers close their positions, some sellers take profits, and there are many short positions. By the end of the weekend, the HDPE warehouse receipt index had closed at 977.16 points, down 1.58 points year-on-year

HDPE warehouse receipts performed generally on Monday, and the daily K-line chart closed at short Yang. HDPE warehouse receipts jumped sharply and opened low. In the early stage, under the pressure of some bilateral positions closing, they fell in a narrow range. The buyer's support in the mid and late closing and the high price of international crude oil also maintained today's stable situation, surging all the way up and closing in a small decline. On Tuesday, HDPE warehouse orders opened low and went high. In the early stage, there were both ups and downs, and there was a narrow range of volatility all the way. The pressure of bilateral position closing was obvious. The confrontation between the two sides in the middle and rear sessions was deadlocked, and there was no improvement, and it closed down. On Wednesday, HDPE warehouse receipts opened low and went high. In the early stage, they fluctuated in a narrow range and rose. The two sides still thought that closing positions was the main thing. The buyer's push up strength in the mid and late market was limited, and the market basically stabilized, ending with a small decline. On Thursday, HDPE warehouse receipts opened low and went high, and the daily K-line chart closed at the short positive line. In the early stage, the strength of the buyer was strong, and it fluctuated all the way up to the mid session, which turned into an increase. After that, the mid session was supported by the buyer, and the momentum was still good. It continued to fluctuate upward, and the session ended with an increase. HDPE warehouse orders opened sharply lower on Friday, and the daily K-line chart closed at the short positive line. In the early stage, there was a narrow parallel shock, and the mid cap buyers suddenly rose, quickly pulled up, and the disk fluctuated all the way up. The mid and late cap buyers had limited strength to pull up, so they were unable to turn around and closed down. By the end of the weekend, the total turnover was 800 tons, a significant increase over last week. The order on Friday was 380 tons, an increase of 25 tons over last Friday; The transaction details of a week are as follows:

warehouse receipt variety

settlement price (yuan/ton)

average daily transaction of HDPE warehouse receipt (ton)

total order quantity of HDPE warehouse receipt (ton)

current weekend

last weekend

rise and fall

current week

last week

increase and decrease

current weekend

last Friday

increase and decrease




73 ↓



22 ↑






54 ↓

II Comprehensive analysis:

according to the daily K-line chart of the index, Wuyang was closed this week, which was basically a volatile rebound. By the end of the week, K-line hopes to be helpful to everyone. Entities close out short Yang entities, and the future market needs to make a breakthrough. MACD moves downward, green column enlarges, and KDJ index is subject to oversold areas; The BOL index was observed on the K-line for 30 minutes, the opening was enlarged, and the late trading entity was on the middle and lower tracks of the price line. Based on various technical indicators, this market belongs to a market with a small rebound in shock, and the buying initiative is strong. Stimulated by the good news on the fundamentals, it is more likely to maintain a shock upward, but it needs to be cautious in the future

the radiation effect on the news is strong. This week's crude oil price belongs to the high adjustment stage. By the close of this Friday, WTI crude oil was $73.93/barrel, up $1.12 from the same period last week; Brent crude oil was $77.57/barrel, up $1.95 from the same period last week for ease of operation. In terms of spot goods, the domestic HDPE market performance this week was calm, and the price was stable. Due to the lack of support, especially the sluggish downstream demand, the market is difficult to rise. However, in the case of high cost, the quotation is still high and difficult to decline. At present, the downstream demand of the market has basically not improved, and the overall transaction continues to be light. However, with the support of few overall resources, strong upstream market and high costs, buying has no intention to decline, while selling lacks enthusiasm for receiving goods at high prices. The stalemate between the two sides may continue in the short term. It is expected that the HDPE market will maintain a large stable and small dynamic market in the near future

(personal view, for reference only; based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

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