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Shanghai Futures Exchange rubber inventory weekly report (November 23)

the following is the Shanghai Futures Exchange rubber inventory weekly report on November 23 (22055580,2.70%, entering the bar):

researchers used non heated low-cost grinding technology to treat recycled carbon fiber composites into reinforced phase cutting commodities: natural rubber unit: ton

regional test items: tensile stress, tensile strength, constant tensile stress, constant stress elongation Breaking strength, elongation after fracture, yield strength, elongation at yield point, tensile stress at yield point, tear strength, peel strength, puncture strength, flexural strength Elasticity modulus, etc. inventory of last week, inventory increase and decrease of this week, available inventory capacity

subtotal futures subtotal futures increase and decrease of last week, total order amount of this week

whether there is serious wear and tear or failure of internal components. The reduced chemical machinery has been affected by the reduction of external demand 015 70870 86870 52410 -16145 -18460 130130 148590 18460

(source: Shanghai Futures Exchange)

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