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Weekly review: analysis of international PP market trend (1.)

the mainstream price of homogenization in the U.S. market is USD/ton (FAS Houston), and copolymerization is USD/ton (FAS Houston). The manufacturer's offer has risen by 4 cents/pound. It is reported that the transaction price of the goods shipped in early January was US cents/pound. In Latin America, the mainstream price of copolymerization is USD/ton (FOT Spain), while the price of copolymerization is USD/ton (FOT Spain)

the mainstream price in the northwest European market is: the average price is US dollars/ton (FOB northwest Europe), and the common price is 11 services. It can be said that the basic configuration of timing belt is US dollars/ton (FOB northwest Europe); In the spot market, the mainstream price of homopolymerization is euro/ton (FD northwest Europe), the mainstream price of copolymerization is euro/ton (FD northwest Europe), while the homopolymerization price in the contract market is USD/ton (FD northwest Europe), and the copolymerization price is USD/ton (FD Northwest Europe)

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