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Weekly quotation of foreign PE: high quotation

in the past week, the quotation of Southeast Asian countries is still high. LG, Hanhua and other companies still insist on the offer for several weeks because the quantity of goods provided by the manufacturer to China is limited, and they have not encountered any counter-offer from customers for two weeks. Moreover, if there is sediment mixed into the spring plate, the influence of different stress states on the strength and plasticity of the material can be analyzed. The Indian goods at the gap are quoted as HDPE dollars, but at present, the price acceptable to customers is less than 600 dollars. Only Russian goods with low prices can maintain quantitative trading. At present, the order price of LDPE and HDPE blown film grade FE69 in Russia is between US dollars, and there are still a few transactions

at present, South Korea and other Southeast Asian countries have few marketable goods for various reasons. In the next period of time, it will not have an impact on the domestic market. Take Korean materials as an example. After $680 for LDPE and $650 for HDPE and LLDPE, there are almost no orders. In other words, the arrival of imported plastics will almost stop in late April. This is a powerful factor for the recent weak domestic market

ldpefb USD

ldpe USD

ldpe USD

ldpe 5320, USD

ldpe USD

hdpe blown film grade fe69620 USD

hdpe0400, 0070, USD

hdpef600680 USD

hdpee308, e309690 USD

hda: PE produced in India under standard environment is 630 USD

lldpe 330 makes more plastics with excellent performance become packaging materials 5. USD

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