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Weekly production and sales dynamics of polypropylene nationwide

overall situation of the national market: the national polypropylene market sales are generally smooth, and the price is basically stable

one week's enterprise production dynamics: Yanshan Petrochemical will continue to shut down the whole line and start production next week; Liaoyang Petrochemical shutdown maintenance; Dalian Petrochemical, a powder production enterprise, suspended production. Due to the arrival of imported materials next week, the production was temporarily started due to sufficient raw materials; Qingdao Petrochemical, Yan'an refinery and Shijiazhuang PP plant were shut down for maintenance. The production of other production enterprises was basically normal this week

one week's enterprise price: the price of polypropylene production enterprises across the country is basically stable this week. The granular material manufacturer did not adjust the price. The average ex factory price of wire drawing grade is 5770 yuan/ton, the average preferential price is 5725 yuan/ton, and the average ex factory price of special materials is 6080 yuan/ton. Nine powder production enterprises reduced their prices by an average of 90 yuan/ton. The average ex factory price of powder is 5410 yuan/ton. In batch, the company has developed a "unique and innovative" technology, and the average preferential price is 5390 yuan/ton. At present, the price difference between granular materials and powder materials is 360 yuan/ton, which is within the normal range. The highest ex factory price of wire drawing grade granular materials is still 6050 yuan/ton of Guangzhou petrochemical, and that of other enterprises is basically about 5800 yuan/ton. The regional price difference is very small, which is also the basis for the stability of granular materials. The highest ex factory prices of powder enterprises are Maoming Shihua and Zhenhai Refining and chemical, with a price of 5600 yuan/ton. The price in the north and west regions is lower, which is still normal

one week's enterprise inventory: this week, the national polypropylene production accounted for about 1/3 of the market share of lithium battery copper foil for power batteries. The enterprise inventory was significantly reduced compared with last week, and the sales situation was stable in the South and the north. The overall average inventory of powder is less than 100 tons/plant. The inventory of granular materials is mostly below 1000 tons, and the inventory of some enterprises is zero. At present, social inventory is in a state of no increase or decrease, and it remains generally stable as it is purchased and sold

a week's national market analysis: the national polypropylene market has been in a benign consolidation state since September, and the South China market, especially the Guangdong market, has been rising. However, due to the slow response of the national market, the popularity is insufficient, and the bullish is weak. Overall sales were quite smooth. Entering the middle of October, the national market has been basically in a stable state. The ex factory price of granular materials has not changed this week, and the inventory is low. Although the ex factory price of powder decreased slightly this week, it maintained a reasonable price difference with granular materials, and the price difference between regions was very small. At present, the polypropylene market in China is weak. The essence of the benign consolidation is that polypropylene production enterprises, circulation enterprises and post-processing enterprises have not formed a unified understanding. They lack a long-term concept and realistic understanding of maintaining market stability, which is conducive to the marketing and production of the enterprise, creating a domestic environment and the sustainable development of the industry. After the rest of the National Day holiday, there is now a growing consensus. If the market sentiment is high and the understanding is consistent, the national general plastic market and polypropylene market will be stable in the fourth quarter, laying a good foundation for next year. At present, the most favorable condition and the most reliable guarantee for us is that the RMB is facing the pressure of appreciation, and the country is peaceful and the people are safe and sustainable. No matter how volatile and ups and downs the international crude oil market and plastic market are, as long as China's economic development continues to be stable, the value of the RMB is stable. Improving the environment of the domestic plastic market depends on the leaders and peers from all walks of life in the national plastic industry and polypropylene industry. Therefore, in view of gbt245 (1) 997 metal tube crimping experimental method, the current domestic polypropylene market is basically stable, and the foundation of stability in the South and the north is smooth, everyone's unity and cooperation, benign competition, mutual benefit and lasting development are the top priority, and it is also the primary goal of the four-year profit of 200million yuan per quarter. First, maintain the market, stabilize the price and prevent big ups and downs. Second, make concerted efforts to stabilize logistics and prevent centralized impact on local markets. Third, stabilize supply, digest imports, and prevent centralized arrival of imports. Fourth, information exchange, taking the overall situation into consideration, preventing dispersion cannot form a joint force. As long as the polypropylene industry from top to bottom unites and cooperates to maintain market stability, the future market is optimistic, and benign development is the general trend

recent market forecast for next week: the supply and demand of polypropylene market across the country remain balanced, and the price is generally stable

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