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Comments on the weekly offer of Shantou plastic market (August 15)

this week, the radius of grinding marks in South Korea can be set through a cumulative ruler. South Korea's domestic offices have reduced the US dollar offer of drawing and injection molding grade PP to less than US $520, but importers reported that although they generally accept the price below US $500, it is still difficult for South Korea's general-purpose materials to be sold to Chinese Mainland during this period. In order to further expand the market in the future, large enterprises such as Korea petrochemical and Samsung petrochemical in South Korea have shifted their development focus to the research and development of high value-added products such as special materials. At present, their fields include transparency, flame retardancy, silicon free, copolymerization and so on. Due to the high technical density, high added value and good profits of products in this field, the market prospect is relatively broad. At present, Samsung has stopped exporting general materials. The staff of the commercial agency in China also reported that the distribution of special materials has the characteristics of small transaction volume and high profit. Often, the profit of a ton of special materials can reach dozens of dollars, while the profit of a ton of general materials under the same conditions is only a few dollars

there was a wave of decline in domestic LLDPE this week. This is related to the recent exhaustion of the "tax" quota in the northern region; In addition, some time ago, the factories prepared enough goods for the next peak season demand. However, the peak season of this year was postponed, and the operating rate of downstream product factories did not increase, resulting in a backlog of inventory in upstream factories, which had to be sold at reduced prices. At present, the mainstream ex factory price of domestic petrochemicals is 6400 yuan, forcing foreign products to plunge together

in September, Hunan Petrochemical Company of South Korea carried out maintenance

during this period of time, imported notification plastics are mainly foreign goods. The quotation of Indian HDPE wire drawing material is 580 US dollars, and the quotation of injection molding grade is 585 US dollars. However, considering that this batch of goods can only be loaded in the middle and late September, and it will not arrive at the main port until the middle of October, the importer is cautious about placing orders

pvc s-100d LG 470

pvc sm660 Indonesia 470

pvc H66 Taiwan Huaxia 480

pp wire drawing Injection India 510

abs 750 Jinhu 780

lldpe Formosa 605

lldpe 218w Saudi Arabia 600

lldpe Hanhua 590

ldpe bf3000 LG 660

ldp basically all close and exit e mb9500 LG 700

ldpe mb7500 LG 700

hdpe blown film Saudi Arabia 610

HDPE wire drawing India 580

hdpe film blowing South Korea 620

phthalic anhydride Aijing 460

DOP apron Aijing 570

DOP original barrel Aijing 640

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