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Poor downstream demand and weak PVC shock

the shock of Dalian PVC futures on May 16 was weak. The main 1109 contract opened at 8110 yuan/ton and closed at 8070 yuan/ton, down 25 yuan/ton. Crude oil continued to rise slightly last Friday, and policy concerns eased after the domestic central bank raised the reserve. However, the US dollar exchange rate may continue to be strong in the near future, which will suppress the overall commodity market. However, the price of calcium carbide remains high, and the futures price is still supported by strong costs, but downstream enterprises are more resistant to high prices, and PVC futures may fall into a wide range of volatility

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Futures Exchange (NYMEX) exceeded 1% to below $99 a barrel in Asian electronic trading on the 16th, reversing the rise on the 13th, as the dollar strengthened on the support of concerns about Greece's debt problem. As of 15:00 Beijing time, NYMEX June crude oil futures fell $1.22 to $98.43 a barrel. Strauss Kahn was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a hotel waitress in New York on the 15th. However, the IMF said in a statement that the institution was operating normally and that Lipsky, vice president, would act as president during Kahn's absence. Analysts said that the Strauss Kahn incident will likely exert downward pressure on the euro in the short term, and the market will focus on the euro group meeting later on the 16th, which may provide direction for the further trend of the euro

Asian ethylene fell steadily on Friday, and the Northeast Asian market fell by US $5.5 to close at US $per ton CFR; CFR Southeast Asia ended quietly at 1366 5 dollars/ton. In Northeast Asia, Taiwan's South Asia is located in Mailiao. The a/d is quickly converted into a digital signal and sent to the computer to stop data processing. The No. 1 naphtha steam cracking unit with an annual output of 700000 tons suddenly stopped in case of fire, and its downstream units were shut down. In Southeast Asia, the risk aversion of downstream users was high, so they looked more and acted less. Some of them offered us dollars/ton cfrsea, but the actual transaction was poor

the price of domestic calcium carbide remained stable on May 16. The specific quotations from various regions are as follows: Southwest Region: yuan/ton; Northwest China: yuan/ton; Central China: yuan/ton; South China: yuan/ton; East China: yuan/ton; North China: yuan/ton; Northeast China: yuan/ton

today, PVC market performance is stable, merchants stabilize the price, open the market for profit and ship goods, and the overall trading is tepid. Many manufacturers' quotations have been reduced one after another, but the prices are still on the high side, and the market is still upside down. Middlemen and downstream continue to wait and see. Futures performance is relatively weak, and prices are still under downward pressure. The PVC market atmosphere in Guangzhou remained flat, the wait-and-see atmosphere was strong, the demand was poor, the transaction was weak, and the mainstream quotation fluctuated little. The mainstream quotation of low-end type 5 calcium carbide was 8000 yuan/ton, the quotation of Zhongtai and Tianchen materials was yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation of ethylene material was 1000 yuan/ton, and the prices of some high models were slightly higher

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