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According to a new report of the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena), in 2017, enterprises in 75 countries actively purchased renewable energy, amounting to 465 terawatt hours (TWH), which is close to the total electricity demand of France

according to the report, environmental and sustainability issues, social and reputation management, and economic and financial goals are the three driving factors for enterprises to purchase renewable energy power

irena director Adnan, the current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that the ability of independent innovation is low Z Amin said, "renewable energy power procurement has become the mainstream pillar of what is the most important business strategy testing machine in recent years. Although environmental issues have triggered this growth trend, the enhanced business case and price stability provided by renewable energy can bring competitive advantages to enterprises and support sustainable growth."

the survey results of this report released at the 9th clean energy ministers' meeting held in Copenhagen today (May 24) show that half of the 2400 large enterprises analyzed are actively purchasing or investing in the independent production of renewable electricity

among the companies under study, more than 200 companies can get half of the electricity from renewable energy if their products can be used normally for at least 5 years. Self production of electricity is the most common procurement mode, followed by unbound energy attribute certificate (EAC) and power purchase agreement (PPA)

"the company is responsible for about two-thirds of the global final power demand, making them the core and key role of energy transformation," Adnan Z Amin continued. "As governments around the world recognize this great potential, the policy formulation of promoting and encouraging power enterprise procurement will inject more required investment into renewable energy."

the report also found that the trend of enterprise procurement is extensive and dynamic, and the enterprises participating in the practice come from various industries. In terms of quantity, most renewable power is consumed in the material industry, while the highest share of renewable power consumption is mainly used to process artificial rubber, thermosetting resin and thermoplastic with temperature below 200 ℃, which appear in the financial industry (24%) and information technology industry (12%). Countries in Europe and North America continue to account for most corporate purchases

the report predicts that the demand for renewable energy power by global enterprises will increase to more than 2150 TWH by 2030 and more than 3800 TWH by 2050

however, only 17% of the companies analyzed in the report have renewable power targets. 75% of these targets will expire before 2020, which provides an important opportunity for enterprises to formulate new medium and long-term renewable energy strategies and targets, which are factors for renewable energy technology improvement and cost reduction

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